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Everybody wants to know how to get more business from their Website and the Internet. Having a good Website is only part of the process though. It is new traffic to your Website that creates sales lead opportunities; and that requires Marketing. Here are 5 things astute marketers do to create prospects from their Website.

1. Ensure your site is properly set-up with effective SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the source of organic search traffic. If your site is failing in this area, many people won't find your products and services.

2. Use Email Marketing to bring people to your site. Promote downloadable content such as eBooks, brochures or videos that are on your Website.

3. Use contact forms to capture information from visitors. You can use it for the above or have a special offer which incentivizes them to fill out the form.

4. Invest in advertising your Website. Just because your Website sits out there on the web for a monthly hosting fee, doesn't mean you don't have to invest in advertising to get people to visit it. Successful companies market their site.

5. Promote your site on Social Media. Instead of asking people to contact or like you on Social Media (which they won't do), promote something valuable on your site to create interest and attract visitors.

While there is no silver bullet to getting leads from your Website, we have learned quite a few best practices which we would be happy to share with you. See our contact information below to learn more.

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Creating an effective website is just the beginning. Marketing and promoting a website is the key to getting people to notice it and start making purchases.

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