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5 Signs That You Need A New Website

If your business has a Website that is older than 5 years, a lot has changed with the Internet and the way your site performs. If your site isn't effective, you are more than likely losing business. Below are 5 signs that your Website is letting you down.

1. You get a warning when using Google Chrome that your site is not safe to open. This can come from a number of factors but most likely your Website is not hosted on a secure server.

2. Your Website is not on the first 2 pages when you Google Search the keywords potential customers will search when looking for a business like yours.

3. Your Site doesn't look as good on a smartphone as it does on a desktop. (For most sites 50% or more of their views now come from mobile devices.)

4. Your Site is very wordy. Since so many now cruise the Internet on a smartphone, no one wants to read long scrolls of information overload on your Site.

5. Your Website is not generating sales leads for your business. If this isn't happening, you definitely have a problem.

Let Us Help You Generate More Leads With Your Website.

Burris Creative has been named the Top Website Design Company in Charlotte, NC by We create compelling designs unique to your company. No cookie cutter themes here.

We also provide SEO, Lead Capture, Blog Development, Social Media Integration and full service Digital Marketing.


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