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The Fear of Selling

Why It Can Now Take 10 Or More Engagements

To Turn A Prospect Into A Customer

The business marketplace has experienced significant changes in the last few years that have made the sales process much more complex and difficult for salespeople.

Companies who utilized traditional sales methods such as cold calling, in-person sales calls and phone sales are now finding this no longer works in a post-COVID, digital marketplace. The sales cycle of turning prospects into customers is taking longer and is forcing salespeople to employ new technology, working 3-4 times harder. When I talk to salespeople, many of the successful ones tell me it is taking over 10 personal engagements using email, LinkedIn, phone calls, mailings and SMS texting to be able to have a viable sales conversation with qualified prospect.

If you are sending a couple of emails or leaving a voicemail and waiting for a prospect to call or email you back, you are probably going to be disappointed with the results. Unfortunately, it takes a lot more now and not putting forth the extra effort may be "A Fear Of Selling".

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