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5 Ways To Kick-Start Your Business In The New Normal.

5 Ways To Kick-Start Your

Business In The New Normal.

As businesses start to reopen, many owners are asking themselves how do I get my sales back up? People have been locked in for over 2 months, the pandemic is far from over, there is still widespread concern among customers and employees. But we all know we have to reopen to stay in business. And that means we have to get customers buying again. Here are 5 ways to kick-start your business as we enter the new normal.

  1. Let your customers know you are open for business. Send out several email marketing announcements or a postcard with a special reopening offer.

  2. Ramp up your customer service. Make sure you have someone answering the phones helping customers. Voicemail can be a dungeon of lost opportunity.

  3. Post 2-3 times weekly on your Social Media pages. Those working from home are all over Social Media right now.

  4. Start an online advertising campaign to attract new customers. Again, with so many working from home, this form of advertising is reaching more people than ever before.

  5. Give your customers something that shows you care. An example might be a face mask or a bottle of hand sanitizer with your logo on it.

You can't just open your doors and expect it will be business as usual. You are going to have to employ marketing to get existing and new customers to do business with you again. Summer is traditionally a slower period for many businesses, so the sooner you get started, the better. Contact me if you if you need help.

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