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How To Market In A Pandemic.

How To Market In A Pandemic.

The Coronavirus has the whole country in a panic. But those of us who operate businesses know we have to come through this and keep our customers happy. The important thing is to stay calm and continue to communicate with customers and prospects. Here are a few things you can do to stay in touch and continue to market your business during this unique time.


Stay In Touch Online

Your customers need to hear from you. Now would be a good time to send out an email, letting them know you are there for them and continue to meet their needs. If they need special service due to reduced hours or working from home let them know you are willing to accommodate them. Also, let them know what your business is doing to deal with the Coronavirus such as disinfecting your workplace and following CDC guidelines for hand-washing, distancing, etc. Another consideration would be to offer a special incentive or savings to help them out and bring in some some business.


Meet With Clients Online

In today's world, Online Meetings are a norm. If you've been shy of doing Online Meetings with clients, now is a good time to get started. There are even free cloud meeting solutions like ZOOM, Webex and others that make this easy. If you think you have to give up on seeing clients, think differently. With Online meetings you can work through proposals, specification changes and more with one of several people. Your clients may even appreciate your innovation in meeting their needs.


Make Sure Customers Know How To Get In Touch With You

Email or text your clients with all of your contact information including how to text you. Many may be working at home because of school closings, etc. You may even be working from home yourself. It is important to keep all lines of communication open to keep business moving.


Be Mr. Spock

When you communicate to clients, be the calm and logical one. Remind them that for all the news attention its getting, COVID-19's actual numbers are small compared with the flu. We'll get through this if we focus on our jobs and families. "Live long and prosper."


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