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When Is The Best Time To Rebrand?

A Case Study In The Rebranding Of Burris Creative.

Most Marketing and Branding professionals recommend rebranding when one of the following occurs:

  1. A company has a significant change in direction or markets.

  2. A company either merges or acquires another company.

  3. A company which offers many services wants to better define itself to customers.

  4. A company has decided its existing brand is dated and needs to be updated.

  5. A change in company leadership or partnership change.

For my company, Burris Creative, it was a combination of 1 and 3. In recent years, marketing firms like ours have become much more involved with Websites and digital marketing, narrowing of the gap between marketing and sales. Burris Creative oversees over 100 Websites and a big part of our business is now Online Sales Lead Generation. During the pandemic and afterwards, marketing and advertising migrated significantly toward the digital side of media.

Many of my clients have praised our "outside the box" approach to marketing solutions. With this in mind, our new logo was created to illustrate this concept. Our Website was redesigned and everything linked to our brand, adding digital imagery to convey the environment we now spend much of our time managing campaigns. Burris Creative's service offerings were revised to focus on the types of solutions that clients are looking for. I invite you to visit my site at I welcome your comments and thoughts.

When is the best time to rebrand your company? Consider the list above. If you are ready for a new brand that clearly defines your company, we should talk.


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