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What Is Your 1 Thing?

In 1991 Jack Palance portrayed the character Curly Washburn in the movie City Slickers. His most famous line from the movie came as he was giving Billy Crystal's character, Mitch Robbins, advice on the secret to life. "What is the 1 thing?" he asked. That line has resonated with me often over the years. Whenever I found myself in an impossible situation, I would ask myself, "What is the 1 thing I can do to make this situation better?" I found that doing "something" often started the motion of accomplishing more. Today many of us are trying to figure out what can we do keep our businesses thriving as we work through a difficult socioeconomic climate. We may be attending online webinars, reading articles and newsletters in an attempt to find answers and try new things. Sadly, some are doing nothing, hoping things will get better on their own or entrusting their future to the promises of politicians. Inaction is never a good idea in a time of crisis. Curly Washburn's advice may be the best thing for you to do right now. When asked by Mitch, "What is it?" He responded, "That's what you have to find out." I wish you the best in finding your 1 Thing for your business in this unusual time.

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