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How To Improve Email Marketing Effectiveness

How To Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Email Marketing.

Many businesses are utilizing email marketing to stay in touch with customers and prospects. This is particularly important now as so many are working from home. But low open rates can be discouraging to marketers. This month I want to address ways to improve open rates and overall effectiveness of email marketing.

  1. Your subject line is the most important part of the email. It should convey something of interest that will entice your audience open your email.

  2. Have something to say. Most people prefer to read email marketing that tells them something they don't already know. They do not want to open an ad. Avoid trying to sell too hard on an email. This can be a turn-off.

  3. Keep your content current. Try to address topics that deal with what your contacts are currently experiencing. Provide useful information that makes them want to know more about what you know.

  4. Make sure your emails look good on a smartphone. At least half your opens may be mobile.

  5. Resend the email to non-openers. This will generally increase your open rate significantly.

  6. Share a link to your email on all of your social media pages and Blog. This will increase the open rate and increase the audience exposure.

Email marketing can an effective marketing and communications tool if used correctly. Now more than ever, people are looking for useful information Online. This is an opportunity to open doors for your business in the new normal.

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