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How To Generate Qualified Sales Leads Online.

Do You Need More Sales Leads?

To grow a company, many things are required, but it is hard to do without sales. To increase sales many companies push their salespeople to make cold calls, a process that is difficult in today's environment of voicemail and email. And many salespeople are adverse to cold calling and avoid it. Now there is a better solution.


PROSPEX360° is an Online lead generation program Burris Creative has developed for our clients. Our program allows businesses to improve the conversion of Online visitors from prospects to highly qualified sales leads. Additionally PROSPEX360° tracks where the lead came from (Google, Facebook, email marketing, etc.) and captures sales information such as name, phone number and email address. Filling your sales funnel with qualified leads will increase salespeople's productivity and your company's sales. If you are interested in getting more results from your Online marketing, PROSPEX360° may the solution you are looking for.


Since 1994, Burris Creative has provided area businesses with Creative Marketing, Online Lead Generation, Social Media and Website Services. Please contact us at (704) 246-8428 or email us at if we can be of service to your company.

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