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Are There Gaps In Your Marketing Program?

Most companies have some gaps in their marketing program. By not addressing them, you could be missing some big opportunities to better establish your brand and to grow your business. Below are some of the most common gaps I've seen.

Staying in contact with existing customers. Many businesses focus so much on acquiring new customers, they forget the potential of increasing business with their existing base. An easy solution is to regularly send out email updates about your business, services, products and customer success stories. Ignoring the power of social media. Yes it is hard to maintain and find time to create interesting posts. Over half of the prospects considering doing business with you, will check out your Social Media pages before they contact you directly. Not having a system for lead follow-up. You probably get leads through your Website and Social Media in the form of phone calls, messages and contact forms. Who at your company is following up on these leads? Having an outdated Website that doesn't show up in search engines. How much business are you losing because potential customers can't find you on the Web or are turned off by your Website or out-of-date content? The good news is, knowing you have a gap provides the opportunity to do something about it. Some gaps are easily fixed in-house. Others may require outsourcing the responsibility to a experienced professional. – Jim Burris


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