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Social Media Relevancy

Are You Ignoring Your Social Media?


I was launching a new Website for a client recently. They sent me an email asking me to make sure I connected their Social Media pages. When I reviewed their pages, some had not shared a fresh post in over a year. Don't let this happen to you. Prospective clients are just as likely to visit your Social Media pages as they are your Website. If they see dated or irrelevant content, your company can look like they are not keeping up or are outdated. When I discuss this with clients, they often say that it is hard to make the time to post relevant Social Media and they don't know where to start. Here is where I can help. Burris Creative offers a program which we call Relevant Social. Each month we have a 20 minute phone conference with you, learn what's new in your world and prepare 4 Social Media Posts for weekly posting during the month. These custom posts will be relevant to your business and to the customers you serve. Having an active Social Media presence will boost your SEO, attract new customers and make your business look more professional.

I would love to discuss this very affordable service with you. Please give me a call at 704-246-8428 to learn more.

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