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What's HOT & What's NOT!

What's HOT & What's NOT!


Often when I meet with clients, I am asked "Is there anything new in marketing I should be looking at?" Once a year I like to share what I'm seeing as the HOT trends and the NOT so hot Marketing and Advertising programs.


  1. SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING. I'm not talking about posting here. This is the advertising programs offered by Facebook and Linkedin. These programs offer demographic targeting similar to direct marketing.

  2. RETARGETED DISPLAY ADVERTISING. These are the Online ads that follow you on the Web after you visit a Website. This type of advertising offers great branding potential and increased prospect conversion.

  3. EMAIL MARKETING. This form of marketing is making a come-back as marketers focus on better content, cleaner mail lists and expanded distribution through Social Media.

  4. INBOUND MARKETING. Companies utilizing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software are linking it to their Email Marketing and Social Media to locate viable prospects.


  1. NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING. Increasingly large newspapers are having difficulty attracting younger readers. This is making them an appropriate media only for those targeting an older demographic.

  2. WEBSITE ROP DISPLAY ADVERTISING. This is display advertising on a newspaper, radio or TV station Website. As these medias have tried to grow their ad sales with bundling Online advertising with their main media, it has led to over saturation and diminishing effectiveness for many advertisers.

  3. PUBLIC RELATIONS (PR). Sadly it is becoming harder for PR professionals to connect with Media news editors to get stories about their clients in the media. In some organizations, these Editors change frequently and a greater reliance on nationally provided content has replaced original content. Many PR Firms are increasingly utilizing Social Media to promote their clients.

WARMING TRENDS... In the world of marketing and advertising, there is a continuing trend towards Online solutions. But many companies are rediscovering traditional media such as direct mail, local talk radio and cable TV advertising. These areas are heating up again.

If you would like to learn more about the direction your company should consider for its marketing this year, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you. I offer a free consult so give me a call at 704-246-8428.

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