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Is Your Website Ready For The New Normal?

As a result of the pandemic, doing business has moved massively to the Internet. Instead of face-to-face calls and meetings, businesses now rely on Zoom meetings, email and texting. Chances are your customer or prospect may not be in the office. Every business must now look at their Website and see if it answers these 5 questions.

  1. Does your home page clearly explain what you do? There is a high probability this is the only page visitors will look at.

  2. Is your Website easy to navigate? If you have too many pages and they are hard to find you are not going to be competitive in a fast paced digital environment.

  3. Does your Website load in under 3 seconds? No visitor is going to wait on a slow load. This alone can cost you a lot of business.

  4. Does your Website look good and easy to use when viewed on any device, especially smart phones? Depending on your type of business, more people may now be viewing your site on a phone than a computer.

  5. Are you making it easy to contact you? Every page of your Site should have a click-to-call phone number and email contact form. The days of a Contact Us page are gone. (See #1)

With so many people now working Online and making buying decisions from the information they see on Websites, it is imperative that companies adapt to this way of doing business. Burris Creative can help you stay ahead in the new normal and have an online presence that produces new opportunities for growth.

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