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PROSPEX360° Lead Generation


Say Goodbye To Cold Calling For New Business!

Lead Generation From Burris Creative

PROSPEX360° creates new business opportunities and eliminates the difficult process of cold calling. We deliver interested and qualified prospects to your business and salespeople.

We provide the names and important contact information including their phone numbers and email addresses. You use this information to follow-up and create new customers for your business.

PROSPEX360° utilizes highly targeted advertising on major search engines, social media and Websites that drives traffic to a specially designed Landing Page Website that captures the prospect's contact information and tracks the media or website that delivered the prospect. No more wasted ad dollars.

Do You Want New Leads?

If you are unhappy with your Online Marketing and would like to start attracting serious sales leads for your business, respond to this email or call Jim Burris at 704.246.8428.

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