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5 Steps To Having Your BEST Year Ever!

It's a New Year. The economy is doing great. Logic says every business can grow in 2018. That may be true but to make sure your business has its best year ever, I offer these recommendations for you to consider adding to your New Year's resolutions.

  1. Set-Up A Marketing Budget. You know you need to spend money on Marketing. Make a decision on how much and make it a budget item.

  2. Create A Marketing Plan. Now that you have a budget you'll need to determine what products or services you want to sell more of and how you want to promote them (advertising, website design, trade shows, etc.)

  3. Set Goals For How You'll Measure Success. You and your team need benchmarks to measure the effectiveness of your marketing. Set goals you can track such as number of new proposals or website inquiries.

  4. Try Something New Or Something Old That Is New Again. Consider using digital or Social Media marketing or sending a direct mail piece to new prospects. (Mailed pieces stand out.)

  5. Get Professional Support. If you need help with creating or implementing your plan or a project, don't be afraid to hire someone with experience to help you.

Here's wishing you your best year ever!

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