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Tips To Finish Up With A Record Year


Some Tips To Finish The Year With Great Sales.

Reach Out To Existing Customers.

This can be a simple letter or card, thanking them for their business this year. And you can offer an incentive to use you again in the last quarter. You never know what a customer needs. Sometimes hearing from you reminds them of a need.

Send Your Customers And Prospects An Email Offer.

Offer a Free Service or discount on an order. For example a free system check-up for the first 15 people who respond to the email. In most cases getting in front of a customer yields new business.

Set Appointments with Your Customer Top 20%. If you are like most businesses, they probably account for 80% of your revenue. Seeing them now will more than likely create last quarter sales. It never hurts to see your best customers face-to-face.


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