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Local Search: Can It Help Your Business?

Local Search:

Can It Help Your Business?

You have probably received calls or emails from companies telling you that your online information is incorrect and that people cannot find your business. Often these companies specialize in what is called Local Search. This type of search includes things like Google and Bing maps, Yelp and others. It utilizes geotargeting of the IP address of the person doing the search and shows them business listings and map locations close to them.

If you are a local business that depends on customers finding you, that are in your area, then you should make sure you have local listings with accurate information about your business. Bear in mind that some of these services such as Yelp or YP offer upgraded listing placement that they charge for. Currently Google and Bing Maps do not charge for a listing but the process of getting listed requires setting up a listing and then waiting for a verification postcard to be mailed to you before it goes live.

If you have a business that does business with out-of-town customers or is predominately B2B, you probably won't see a lot of benefit from Local Search. If you would like to learn more about Local Search and whether it is right for your business, give me a call at 704-246-8428. – Jim Burris


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